Arduino Uno Pro Kit

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We all dream of the perfect creation, taking an idea and making it into reality. Those ho dream this travel the bumpy road between inspiration and execution, that's why we designed this kit. The Arduino Uno Pro Kit contains everything you need to turn your ideas into reality, to have fun and to learn from our mistakes.  With this kit you will be able to start building something unique.

The Kit include:

1 Arduino UNO Rev3 Compatibile
1 USB cable
1 Breadboard 830 tie points
30 Jumper cable M/M (30 pack)
20 Jumpers cable Dupont M/F
1 Strip Male connector 1x40 pin
1 LCD Module 2x16 I2C
1 7 segment display 1 digit
1 7 segment display 4 digit
1 Led matrix 8x8
1 Joystick Module
1 Water sensor
1 Sound sensor
2 Tilt sensor
1 Flame sensor
1 Temperature sensor LM35
3 Photoresistors
1 IR receiver 38KHz
1 IC 74HC595
1 DHT11 temperature and humdity sensor module
1 IR remote control
1 RFID reader RC522 with two tags
1 RTC module DS1322
1 16 key keypad
1 9G servo
1 Stepper motor
1 Stepper motor control board
1 9V battery snap
1 10 Kohm potentiometer
5 Pushbutton 12x12mm with cap
1 Active buzzer
1 Passive buzzer
1 Relay module
1 RGB module
10 Red LED 5mm
10 Green LED 5mm
10 Blue LED 5mm
10 220 ohm resistors
10 330 ohm resistors
10 1 Kohm resistors
10 10 Kohm resistors
1 9V 1A power supply


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