Arduino-Kit Beginners

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Product code HMTKIT-001
Category Arduino Kit
Brand Homotix
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The Arduino-Kit Beginners is designed for those who want to explore the world of Arduino, contains everything you need to start, and to learn how to program this microcontroller family.

The Kit Include:

1 Arduino Uno Rev.3
1 USB Cable
1 Breadboard 400 Tie Point
1 9V Battery Snap
1 65 jumper Cable M/M con varie lunghezze
1 Strip male connector 1x40
5 Pushbutton
1 5Vcc Relay
1 5V Elettromagnetic Buzzer with Oscillator
1 4,7 Khom Photoresistor
1 10 Kohm Thermistor
2 10 Khom Trimmer (Cermet)
1 RGB Led with Common Cathode
10 Red Led
10 Green Led
10 Yellow Led
1 Shift Register 74HC595
10 NPN Transistors BC547
10 PNP Transistors BC557
10 220 ohm Resistor
10 470 ohm Resistor
10 1 Kohm Resistor
10 4.7 Kohm Resistor
10 10 Kohm Resistor

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