Wemos Boards

Wemos Boards


Wemos Battery Shield

Product code: HMTWBS
Category: Wemos Boards

3,76 VAT included

The Wemos Battery Shield is the easy and safe way to add portable battery power to your WeMos D1 Mini.


Wemos D1 Mini

Product code: HMTD1MINI
Category: Wemos Boards

5,68 VAT included

The Wemos D1 Mini is based on Wi-Fi microcontroller ESP8266 ESP-12F that can be programmed using the Arduino IDE


Wemos DHT Pro Shield

Product code: HMTWDHT22
Category: Wemos Boards

6,28 VAT included

The Wemos DHT Pro Shield uses the digital humidity and temperature sensor DHT22.


Wemos DHT Shield

Product code: HMTWDHT11
Category: Wemos Boards

4,95 VAT included

The Wemos DHT Shield uses the digital humidity and temperature sensor DHT11.


Wemos Dual Base

Product code: HMTWDB
Category: Wemos Boards

2,14 VAT included

Wemos Dual Base for all Wemos D1 Mini modules and shields, duplicates I/O and power.


Wemos Protoboard

Product code: HMTWPB
Category: Wemos Boards

1,31 VAT included

The Wemos Protoboard adds a small prototyping area to Wemos D1 Mini


Wemos Relay Shield

Product code: HMTWRELE
Category: Wemos Boards

4,15 VAT included

The Wemos Relay Shield mounting a relay SPDT (single-pole, double-throw) and can be connected in a normally open or normally closed configuration.