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4WD Mini Robot Mobile Platform Kit FT-MC-003

Product code: RPM14750P
Category: Robots and Chassis

20,85 VAT included

The 4WD Mini Robot Mobile Platform Kit FT-MC-003-KIT uses 4 DC motor gear box to drive.


Dorado - 4WD Utility Mobile Platform

Product code: RPL11304WD
Category: Robots and Chassis

28,22 VAT included

This Dorado - 4WD Utility Mobile Platform is easy to build and cheap, it is the best platform for you to build your first mobile application.


mBot (Bluetooth)

Product code: 90050
Category: Robots and Chassis

128,00 VAT included

mBot (Bluetooth) is an all-in-one solution for kids to enjoy the hands on experience about...


Pan/Tilt Bracket

Product code: ROB10335
Category: Robots and Chassis

6,89 VAT included

This Pan/Tilt bracket consists of two brackets and all the hardware you need to attach them...


Robot Gripper

Product code: RBK58075M
Category: Robots and Chassis

25,74 VAT included

The latest mechanical Robot Arm it’s made of thickened hard...


Starter Robot Kit-Blue (Bluetooth Version)

Product code: 90020
Category: Robots and Chassis

175,40 VAT included

This Starter Robot Kit-Blue (Bluetooth Version) is a great choice for learning robotics, electronics and...


Ultrasonic Ranging Sensor Bracket

Product code: SPO33145U
Category: Robots and Chassis

3,18 VAT included

Pastic Ultrasonic Ranging Sensor Bracketr, to help users install...