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9V Battery Holder

Product code: PRT10512

3,34 VAT included

This 9V battery holder allows your battery to snap in tight and holds it in place, which is great in...


Battery Holder - 4xAA to Barrel Jack Connector

Product code: PRT09835

3,63 VAT included

This is a simple Battery Holder - 4xAA to Barrel Jack Connector. The connector mates with the barrel jack on...


Lipo Charger

Product code: PSB01012B

10,39 VAT included

The LiPo Charger is extremely affordable and easy to use. No programming is required. Plug it in and it...


USB LiPo Charger

Product code: MR010-001.1

6,04 VAT included

This small circuit can recharge in an extremely simple way Li-Po and Li-Ion cells. Using a jumper with...


USB LiPoly Charger - Single Cell

Product code: PRT12711

15,02 VAT included

If you need to charge LiPo batteries, this USB LiPoly Charger - Single Cell will do just that, and do it fast...


Wireless Charger & Receiver

Product code: PCW2138WC

12,40 VAT included

The Wireless Charger& Receiver adopts two copper wire coil superposition to active the...