The Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer designed to accommodate economic operating systems based on a Linux kernel.


GPIO Extension Cable For Raspberry Pi B+ 40P

Product code: RA000021R
Category: Raspberry

2,37 VAT included

This is a 40P GPIO extension Cable special for the Raspberry Pi B+...


Heatsink Kit for Rsapberry Pi 2 Model B+

Product code: RPA06059B
Category: Raspberry

2,49 VAT included

The heat sink kit for Raspberry PI 2 Model B+ can avoid the...


Plastic Case Raspberry Pi B+

Product code: RA0008AP
Category: Raspberry

3,98 VAT included

Plastic Case Raspberry Pi B+ stable plastic case for raspberry PI B+, every port can be...


Raspberry PI 3 Model B

Product code: RASPI-3B
Category: Raspberry

47,94 VAT included

The Raspberry Pi 3 Model B is based on the characteristics of...


Raspberry Pi Camera

Product code: RASPI-CM
Category: Raspberry

29,83 VAT included

This 5mp Raspberry Pi Camera is capable of 1080p video and still images and connects directly...


RS485 Shield V3 - Raspberry Pi

Product code: DEV-13706
Category: Raspberry

20,35 VAT included

With this nifty little RS485 Shield V3 for the Raspberry Pi, now you will be...